River March is a movement which we seek to rejuvenate our rivers by striving to free them from encroachments, save remaining mangroves and contribute a non-polluted green environment.

All of us admire beautiful locations filled with bountiful nature - greenery, fresh air and water, rivers and waterfalls. You take holidays especially to move out of this polluted city. Mumbai, the most important development hub of the country, was once upon a time filled with these kinds of beautiful locations.Mumbai is one of the unique cities in the world where we had, and still have Forests, Mangroves, Rivers, Lakes and Sea in and around the city.

Over the last 25 years, ecology and environment of our city has been ignored at the hands of development.

We are a group of citizens who have taken the initiative to Rehab Mumbai Environment.

Here are the names of our management Committee Members:

Management Committee Members

With this our social cause even youth brigade has enrolled in this group


Our Achievements in the Past Projects Include:

1. Plastic Free Sanjay Gandhi National Park

1st May 2011 till 2nd October 2011 – 80, 000 kilograms of Plastic was removed by this group in the form of plastic bottles and bags from all area of the national park.

2. Cycle Project in National Park

October 2011 – (On going) - we initiated the concept of Cycles on Rent in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Our group made sure that there were enough cycles available for the rain this we achieve by encouraging more companies and individuals to donate for the same cost to help conservation of energy and benefit the park resources. We have encouraged others to follow up for the same cause. This project helped in reducing pollution with less number of weecle in the park area.

Our Project was appreciated by the authorities and the public for the availability of a healthy lifestyle. We were covered by the media in several Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and English newspapers.

Over the period of last 2 years, we have expanded our activities to work on larger areas outside SGNP to impact the Mumbai Environment.

Our Activities from the year 2014 onwards

1. A DOCUMENTARY (to spread awareness)

This group has composed a Documentary with the support of Mr.Anand Udeshi to show the

  • Past glory of Mumbai Rivers,

  • Current state of Mumbai Rivers and Mangroves

  • What will be outlook of mumbai rivers in futurs


We made this documentary to create awareness among Mumbaikar, School children, Politicians and concerned Government Agencies.

2. Bike Rally

We jointly orginized moter Bike Rally from Mumbai to Nagpur on 26th Jan 2015 to create awareness for Rehabilitation of Rivers.

3. 1st River March on Dahisar River

Our group successfully organised a 5 kms March on the banks of Dahisar River on 1st March 2015 to create awareness among people around Dahisar River where more than 1600 people participated in the event along with student, parents, teachers and management stop of Rustomjee School. This attracted lot of media coverage in several Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and English newspapers.

4. Cleaning of Dahisar River

Along with 20 to 25 volunteers, we have cleaned Dahisar River near western express highway (Dhobi Ghat area) for 20 sundays before rains. We have been investing 2-3 hours every time in the morning to make the River plastic free by disposing/ Discarding plastic bags and bottles.

5. Press Conference at BMC Headquarters, CST Building

Dr. Anjana Pant surveyed Dahisar River and shared the microbiological approach to rehab Mumbai Rivers at a press conference at BMC Headquarters.This information was published by many newspapers.

6. 2nd River March Borivali (East)

We Organised 2nd River March in borivali (East) in cordinations with management of G.H. School on 25th July 2015(Being the 10th anniversary of fateful flood deluge of all Mumbai River - 26th July 2005). In this march over 2500 people participated which included student thier parents, teachers & management staff of G.H. School.

7. Social Media Awareness

We started our Social Media Campaign to reach larger numbers of citizens of Mumbai and whole of India.Our biggest achievement is that the youth has taken keen interest in our project and we hope to influence the young minds to be responsible and volunteer actively to save our planet.

8. Dahisar River Water Testing

Samples of water was collected from 10 different polluted points and handed over to BMC Lab for testing the quality of water in Dahisar River. The test report indicated that samples water was fully pollueted. The report details can be seen in our DMS(Document Management System).

What do we aim to achieve?

  1. We need an encroachment free non polluted Mumbai environment.

  2. Aarey to be included in SGNP and declared as forest land.

  3. Rejuvenate 4 Rivers of Mumbai (Dahisar / Mithi / Poinsur / Oshiwara)

  4. Save the remaining 30% Mangroves

As you know 26th July 2015 is the 10th anniversary of Mumbai deluge and the team is surprised that nothing much is done so far as recommended by “FACT FINDING COMMITEE” on Mumbai flood which was led by Mr.Madhav Rao Chitale in March 2006.

CHAPTER 7 PAGE 167 of the report on environmental management of Mumbai River and River Banks which clearly states that

1st Recommendation – Restoration of existing degraded Rivers and River Banks

2nd Recommendation – Initiate recovery of the Urban Eco System

3rd Recommendation – Rejuvenate degraded Urban Ecosystem including Lakes, Rivers, Creeks & Coastal Zone.

Some of the similar recommendations were made in last 25 years in Brainstad Report and Natu commission.

Our Plans for the year 2015-2016

We have very ambitious plans for the coming few months –

1) We want to create awareness about our initiative through organizing a drawing competition in schools in Mumbai. Gopal Zaveri, who is one of the founding members of this group has met with close to 600+ schools about this and they are all very enthused by this initiative. We are planning to conduct this in the month of Jan 2016

2) We want to organize an exhibition about the glory of the Mumbai river, which are today called “Nallas” and what we need to do to rejuvenate them. The task is huge, but it is very much possible if we citizens and government work together. The exhibition will be held in Jan 2016 where in we will invite relvent heads of goverment agencies - our Chief Minister, Minister of Environment, all six member of parliament, 26 MLA'S 126 BMC corporators BMC Chairman, MMRDA Chairman to view 3D model of Dahisar River. This Model will provide details of various polluents in different location along the River. This model will also indicate Technical Solutions of removal / cleaning of polluents provided by technical experts on Rivers. We will also arrange expert speakers' talk on rejuvenation of Rivers.

3) We plan to organize mega march, this will be on the lines of RIVER MARCH done along the Dahisar River on 1st March 2015. This march was huge success in terms of creating the awareness about the river. As on today, we have 100+ volunteers actively participating in this initiative. We want to replicate this model along the residents living in the vicinity of the other 3 rivers as well. Awareness is the starting point which will then cascade into river rejenrations

4) Our team has obtained permissions from the BMC to plant about 10,000 trees along the WEH from Dahisar to Bandra. We have initiated this activity and planted around 50+ trees in last few weeks. We need a lot of support to reach the number of 10,000 trees.

Our Request

The work cannot be done without the citizen – government partnership. We are galvanizing the support of the citizens on one hand and also interacting with the concerned government departments agencies to take the necessary actions to restore Mumbai Ecology / Rivers of Mumbai and extending the forest land from National Park to Aarey.

We will continue our awareness programs for Clean and Green Mumbai and looking forward for your support.


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