dahisar river


  • It originates at the spillway of the Tulsi Lake in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in the northern reaches of the city

  • The River flows roughly North-West a total of 12 kilometres through the localities of the National Park, Sri Krishna Nagar, Daulatnagar, Leprosy Colony, Kanderpada, Sanjay Nagar, and Dahisar Gaothan before meeting the Arabian sea via the Manori Creek.

  • Its total Catchment area is 3488 hectares.

  • The river was once so picturesque that Hindi films were shot here.

  • Till the late 1960s, crocodiles were witnessed to be residing in the river.

  • The river is now highly polluted with the dumping of industrial effluents from workshops, and sewage from slums and storm water drains into it.

  • In recent times it has narrowed down, and became more shallow due to the presence of the accumulation of silt, debris and plastic bags.


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