mithi river
  • The river originates from the overflow of Vihar Lake.

  • About 2 km later it receives the overflows from the Powai Lake.

  • It flows for a total of 15 km before it meets the Arabian Sea at Mahim Creek.

  • The flow is through residential and industrial complexes of Powai, Saki Naka, Kurla, Kalina, Vakola, Bandra-Kurla complex, Dharavi and Mahim.

  • The Mahim bay area, where Mithi River meets Arabian Sea is a nominated bird sanctuary where migratory birds come for nesting.

  • This part is full of mangroves.

  • When the river was not as polluted, it used to serve as an important storm water drain for Mumbai.

  • Over the past years, it has been used as a sewer.

  • Now, it poses as a hazard during high tide bringing polluted water into the city !!

  • The river is polluted by dumping of raw sewage, industrial waste and municipal waste.

  • Besides, illegal activities like washing vessels, animals and oily drums, discharge of un-authorised hazardous waste are also carried out along the course of this river.

  • Cattle sheds in some areas contribute animal waste.

  • Barrel cleaners, scrap dealers and others dump sludge oil, effluent and garbage in the river.

  • The organic waste, sludge and garbage dumping has reduced the carrying capacity of the river.

  • The river bed is full of sludge, garbage and vegetation growth like water hyacinth in many parts.


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