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Workshop cum Exibition at Maharashtra Nature Park


Our research and community activities over years has convinced us about the possibility of seeing the revival of Rivers for the benefit of the city, its inhabitants and its biodiversity and requires all of us to participate as a collective. The exhibition addresses the shortfalls in our relationships with the riverine system and possible ways forward by taking the prototypical sample of the Dahisar River.

Dahisar River covered by RKB Show

RKB Show along with RiverMarch Team covered the conditions of dahisar river and telecasted on their TV channel.

Press Conference at BMC Headquarters, CST Building

Dr.Anjana Pant surveyed Dahisar River and shared the microbiological approach to rehab Mumbai Rivers at a press conference at BMC Headquarters.This information was published by many newspapers.

Cleaning of Dahisar River

Along with 20 to 25 volunteers, we cleaned Dahisar River near western express highway (Dhobi Ghat area). We have been investing 2-3 hours every Sunday morning to make the River plastic free by disposing/ Discarding plastic bags and bottles.

River March on Dahisar River

Our group successfully organised a 5 kms March on the banks of Dahisar River on 1st March 2015 to create awareness among people around Dahisar River where more than 1600 people participated in the event along with children and teachers of Rustomjee School. This has attracted lot of media coverage in several Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and English newspapers.

RiverMarch Team with Mr. Nana Chudasama end Mrs. Shaina NC

RiverMarch Team gave details to Mr. Nana Chudasam and BJP Leader Mrs. Shaina NC along Mr. Nooruddin Sevwala.

Awareness at Rotary Club

Awareness was done at Rotary Club peninsula. Rotary Club Kandivali & Rotary Club Borivali


We arranged a successful Bike Rally from Mumbai to Nagpur on 26th Jan 2015 to create awareness for Rehabilitation of Rivers.

Documentary on Mumbai Rivers and Environment

Documentary was made by Mr. Anand Udeshi to show the current conditions of Dahisar River. RiverMarch team also took interview of people who have seen the past glory of Dahisar River. it took more than six months to complete the Documantary.

Cycle Project in National Park

October 2011 – On going - we initiated the concept of Cycles on Rent in Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Our group made sure that there were enough cycles to be rented by encouraging more companies and individuals to contribute to help conservation of energy and benefit the park resources. We have encouraged others to follow up for the same cause.

Our Project was appreciated by the authorities and the public for the availability of a healthy lifestyle. We were covered by the media in several Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and English newspapers.

Over the period of last 2 years, we have decided to work on larger areas outside SGNP to impactthe Mumbai Environment.

Plastic Free Sanjay Gandhi National Park

1st May 2011 till 2nd October 2011 – 80, 000 kilograms of Plastic was removed by this group in the form of plastic bottles and bags though out the park.

We will continue our awareness programs for Clean and Green Mumbai and looking forward for your support.


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